Study alongside a team of driven & motivated students

Founded in 2001, Curtin Marketing Association is a student-run body that exists with the primary function of forming a bridge between students and industry. 

Curtin Marketing Association assists students to become professionals by connecting them with businesses so they can receive first-hand experience with real-life projects. As a result, students are able to build a brighter future and gain useful experience whilst studying.


A word from our 2020 President, Emily Schon.

"2019 was a big year for CMA. We hosted six sell-out skills workshops, two sundowners, over five industry run events and our first-ever industry networking session in collaboration with Totostips that welcomed professionals from successful businesses across Perth.

In 2020 our core team are onto something bigger and better. We've collated a team
of hardworking students from a range of majors, to ensure a diversity of skillsets are represented within our committee. 

Having been a part of CMA for two years now, I have come to understand the importance of acquiring a well-rounded skill set that being part of a club can provide.

For students, CMA continues to strengthen the skills of their members and prepare them for their relevant industry workplace. 

To industry representatives who have chosen to collaborate with CMA, we are ever grateful for the opportunities in which you have brought to our students. If you would like to collaborate on a project or share your business ventures, please contact us to discuss further."